Reaching up! ........ Reaching out!



Worship with us!

The Sunday morning Family Worship Service is our main celebration service. Here everyone gathers to welcome, encourage and build each other in the faith. Our worship is contemporary and a relevant bible message is delivered. Here we also share Breaking of Bread, one to another, this act of communion is open to all who love and serve our Lord Jesus Christ.


Worship is central to our lives.

Like all churches, worship is central to the life of our congregation. It is the fuel which fires Christian service. It is the telescope which helps us to view the bigger picture of our place within God’s universe. It is a means of connecting with God and It helps us to understand his loving purpose for our lives.


We Worship God together.

Worship can happen when we are alone with God. It can also happen when Christians gather together in prayer and praise.


Why not join us next Sunday.

Worship joyfully acknowledges the central place which God should occupy in our lives. In worship we sing, we pray, we read God’s word, we reflect on what God says to us day by day

Join with us next Sunday at 10:00am for our Main Service, and afterward for refreshments at 11:30am.

Smawthornte Community Church