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What Is Bereavement?

Bereavement Support helps people experiencing loss.

Although a normal part of life, people respond differently to bereavement. Feelings of shock, numbness, despair, intense sadness, guilt, depression, relief, fear and anger or a mixture of these are all common emotions.

These feelings may be noticed immediately or not until some considerable time later. Some people manage to overcome their bereavement with support from friends and family. For others this support may not be available or suitable.

 Bereavement Support helps people at any stage of their bereavement, whether recent or many years ago.


The project's aims are to:

Provide local support to bereaved people of all ages.
Offer support for bereaved carers.
Provide information about other agencies who can help.
Provide counselling service where required.

What we offer

We offer information and advice to address practical and social issues which may arise from bereavement and where further help can be found.


Interactive Forum

This is a self-help group of people who are experiencing the pain of bereavement. An informal get together in a friendly atmosphere where mutual support is available.


One-to-One Support.

 Where required the fully CRUSE trained support workers give one-to-one appointments in your home or at a specified location where you feel comfortable to talk in confidence.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to talk to someone them please get in touch. Contact us by: email

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